Why I Started Cruises.org

I saw children in my dreams not once but three times in a one year time period. I was in college during that time. The three dreams were the same but the in the last dream the old man told me "YOU WILL".

In my dreams children were standing in line for food. I saw that they were so skinny, some of them had old torn clothes and some of them did not have shirts and I could count their ribs. Some of the children were standing in the rain and were wet. They were little boys and girls from all the nations. I recognized by the way they were looking, and their eyes were looking into my eyes like they were desperately hoping for something from me. All of a sudden I saw the same old man walking towards me and asking me three questions one by one:

Can you feed them?
Can you clothe them and shelter them?
Can you love them?

Both times I stood there and cried so loud and asked the old man, “How am I able to do this? So he walked away. Both times I woke up so disturbed. Last time when I saw this dream, he asked me the same questions. I cried and said, "I would love to…" Immediately with a smile he said, "YOU WILL."

After my college days have past, I got married to a beautiful lady and God blessed us to have two beautiful children, a handsome boy and a beautiful little girl. I entered into the business world, started a staffing company, software development and a cruise vacation business. Everything I do in my business, I see those little children. I know a portion of my wealth is for them.

May God bless everyone who becomes part of this great dream...

Jai George

Why Cruises.org

Who Uses Cruises.org

Cruises.org deals with Individual, non-profit and not-for-profit entities, including:

How Does Fundraising Work

As an example of how we can accomplish the goal of raising funds, let's consider a seven-day Caribbean cruise for 50 members of your non-profit organization. Of course, the Caribbean is only one of many destinations from which you can choose; Europe, Alaska, the Mediterranean, or Hawaii are a few others. First off, say that the median price per person comes to $1000. What we would do is markup that cost by a predetermined amount in this case, let's say $200, which brings the cost to $1200 per person. With 50 passengers and $200 extra per person, that's $10,000 generated already.

Now what the cruise lines will do is add matching funds for each guest onboard. For this scenario, lets make that amount $40. So, for all fifty guests, that's an extra $2000, which so far brings the grand total to $12,000. But were not done yet.

In addition to the matching funds from the cruise site, we can offer 1 free berth for every 15 sold. With 50 people, that would come to 3 free berths. Those 3 berths valued at $760 dollars can produce $2,280 that can be added to the dollar amount received by your organization.

All in all, your grand total for 50 people would be $14, 280. Using the same calculations, however, a 100-member cruise would yield $28,560 and a 200-member cruise would yield $57,120!

Other Benefits of Using Cruises.Org

The cruise line will also provide us with priority booking of their rooms on the ship for special presentation or seminars at no additional cost to your non-profit organization.

Also, your organization can generate funds by selling any of the organizations promotional materials to the members at a pre-defined time and place.

Call Cruises.org and begin your cruise adventure!


Our mission is to provide top quality cruises for everyone individually, groups, Corporations, including non-profit entities that will help them create enriching memories for their members and assist them in raising funds for worthy causes world-wide.

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